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Luis Galvez from Lima, Peru sent us photos of his stunning Weedub Classic model. His masterpiece ranks at the highest level of finished models seen thus far.

It gives me great delight knowing that so many Volkswagen enthusiasts around the world are enjoying the fun and experience of assembling their Weedub model kits
. Especially in these trying times.

Well done
Luis for creating such a magnificent looking model
Pic 1   Pic 2    Pic 3

Rob S. from Waterloo Corner in Sth Australia sent us some pics of his freshly completed Weedub Custom kit.
Rob joins the vast number of customers pleased with the experience and finished model.

He recently attended his VW Club and proudly displayed his 'pride and joy' much to the delight of other members who were amazed at the fine detail and accuracy of The Weedub Custom 1/4 scale model kit.

Well done Rob. Excellent looking model.
Front view       Front view 2    

Charly from Normandy, France, is another very happy customer, proudly showing off his completed Weedub Custom kit that he received from his girlfriend for his birthday.

Charly built his model kit to replicate the 1776 cc engine in his '68 Beetle.

Well done Charly

Jason Vogen from VolksAmerica magazine, Texas, USA, recently had fun assembling a Weedub Custom kit and produced a wonderful video review and commentary about his experience.

Well done Jason. Thank you for the compliments and I'm glad you enjoyed the build.

Click here to watch a Weedub Custom kit assembly video

  Weedub Custom kit assembly video

Father & son team, Eddie and Javi Touche'

Seen here standing very proud and pleased behind their beautifully finished Weedub Custom kit model.

And why shouldn't they? Another excellent example of craftsmanship.

Well done Eddie and Javi. Thank you for the compliments and I'm glad to have given you guys such enjoyment.

Javi1 Javi2

Benny Vander Elst

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to see a Weedub model kit finished and ready to be placed on display, especially one as magnificent as Benny's fine looking Classic kit model.

Although I am guessing he is feeling quite satisfied too with his new creation.

Well done Benny, a beautiful job indeed.


John Morrison
Phoenix, Arizona


Another wonderful example of a Weedub Custom kit nearing its final stages of assembly. A couple of minor parts to go on, and it will no doubt take pride and precedence amid John's collection of other fine looking display models.

(Although I do feel all eyes will be focussed on the Weedub Custom kit if I do say so myself.)

Beautiful job John.
J Morrison

David Spain,
Barstow, California,

Another beautiful example of a Weedub Custom kit (actually half Classic & half Custom based on a real engine he has) all finished and ready to take its place somewhere in Dave's house for all his family and friends to admire.

Dave who used to build and race buggies around the dunes in California finished his model to reflect a replica of his full size motors.
Custom engine

Kevin H.,
Bremen, Indiana,

Let me say right up front that while we build replica automobiles (*refer below) I have no experience working with the very tight tolerances of a model.
I can not imagine the amount of work it took to make this kit.

I am impressed with the finished product.


As for the instructions. They are clear and the photos helpful indeed. I loved the experience and have an appreciation for just how difficult a challenge making, packaging, documenting, and marketing a product, any product, can be.

Your customer service is beyond excellent.

Thank you

  Kevin Hines
*Kevin and business partner Carl Beck, own Special Edition Inc. Indiana. Home of the famous Beck Speedster

Joanne & Sandra from
New South Wales
Thank u again Phil Sandra loved every minute of building. Close match to ours. Cheers Jo

Thank u Phil
You gave Sandra goose bumps.
Happy New Year to you.
Cheers Jo
(I will post everywhere.......hope you get more sales..this is a one of a kind your model...)

Very nice comments from yet another very happy Weedub Classic kit customer.

Congratulations on a fine looking job. Your model completed looks amazing.

Model 1
Model 2

Bill Podberger

I just finished the Weedub 1600 and here are a few pictures. I added the oil pressure switch. Opened the carb up and added the choke butterfly, the wiring and the throttle cable tube and cable.

It was a fun build and took some research to get it right. I 
 worked for VW and Porsche (and the rest of the German cars) for over 45 years.

Hope you enjoy the pictures the quality did not come out that great as it looks much better in person.
Thanks Bill Podbreger

Another very happy Weedub Classis kit builder.

Congratulations and thanks Bill.
Photo 2 Photo 3

Tim from
Ballarat, Victoria,

These very nice photos show Tim's version of The Weedub 1600 Classic Kit during the construction stage and the final outcome.

It's also worth a mention that Tim won 2nd prize in a recent Scale Modellers competition held in his hometown of Ballarat, Victoria in May,

Well done! and congratulations on your award Tim.
Tim 2 - Rear view Tim 1 - Front view
Tim 3 - Finished

Jerome Tanguay,
Vancouver British Columbia,

sent us these photos of his completed model, plus some extra comments during construction

it's just a pleasure to build. I am in full production and it's great.

....and after completion

....hey man. Here I am in my crib having a glass of wine. This model of yours is just awesome and it makes my joy. Thanks again. Just great. Thanks.

Thank you Jerome. I am happy for giving you such pleasure.

I get the impression Jerome is very pleased with his Weedub 1600 Classic kit.)

Pic 1

     Pic 2    
Pic 3

Peter Bruty from

...recently sent us photos of these little beauty's.

A very nice looking pair of Weedub 1600 Classic models that have been completed with some custom add-ons such as, fuel line clamps, carburettor return spring and ignition wires.


Thank you Peter
Pic 4 Pic 2

Pic 3

Glenn from

.....sent us this photo of his model which is now proudly on show at home in this magnificent looking display case.

Thank you Glenn

(Phew!...nice display case too.)
Display case

Jerome Tanguay,
British Columbia,

Some customers just know when they're onto a good thing.

Four beautiful examples of the Weedub Classic model kit after completion.

Great work Jerome.

Jerome x 4

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